Who Chooses Shoes? Not Us!

The August 2011 issue of Redbook reports that 70 percent of their readers would rather go without new shoes for a year than give up chocolate for the same period of time.

How many people read Redbook, I wondered? I visited the magazine’s website, and found the answer: 2,232,476.

That means a little over 1.5 million people have gone on the record to declare the importance­–the necessity–of chocolate in their lives.

While I am pleased to see such a high percentage speaking frankly about the importance of their relationship with chocolate, I suspect that 70 percent is actually low. I’ve had meetings with many people, particularly women, who have attached a sense of guilt to their regular cravings for chocolate… and this is precisely what led to a chocolate crisis… and a session with me!

The benefits of a daily dose of chocolate have been proven time and again, as have the negative effects of chocolate abstinence. If you would place chocolate before new shoes, you already understand how this simple concept contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a serving of chocolate (or went shoe shopping), it’s time to re-evaluate your wellness regimen. Join the millions of people who enjoy a dose of chocolate every day, and the sense of well-being that follows!

WARNING: Initiation of a daily chocolate regimen may result in chocolate overindulgence during the first 2-3 days. This is a temporary phenomenon, related to euphoric cell combustion. Overindulgence-related euphoria usually passes in 72 hours. You may experience an increased activity level during this time. Shoe stores and casinos should be avoided until the euphoria has passed. In rare instances of prolonged euphoria, contact the Chocolate Crisis Center.

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