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CEI Announces Design Challenge Series for 2018

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Q & A: Darleen Daniels, Colorado Springs School District 11 School Board

Q & A: Danny Medved Director of Professional Learning, Mesa County Valley School District 51

Computer Science Rising to the Top as a K-12 Priority in Colorado

AP Teachers Sharpen Skills in Denver

Equity Project is Moving the Needle in Southwest Colorado

Summer Learning, Networking Unfolds in Southwestern Colorado

Finding the Source of Creativity

Creativity. Where does it come from? Some individuals produce their best work after enduring extreme or extended hardship. Some are not appreciated for the effort until after their death. Many produce innovative works and are never recognized. Creative results, in any arena, stem from inspiration, motivation and passion…and a deep personal belief in one’s self that overpowers all other circumstances. Read more

Funding public schools in Colorado


School districts receive revenue from local property taxes and ownership taxes. For example, when you purchase a car, part of the cost collected for license plates is earmarked for public schools. Property taxes support services provided within the county that the property is located, with a significant portion designated for public schools. During an economic downturn, foreclosures and decreases in consumer spending have an immediate impact on how much school funding will be available from local sources. Read more

Guest blogger – Chocolate Crisis Center

Chocolate Crisis Center logo

Under the psuedonym Dr. Karen “Coco” Carlsberg, I provide occassional blog postings for the Chocolate Crisis Center, located in Denver, CO.

Dr. Carlsberg’s biography

Who Chooses Shoes?

Election results may lead to… uncertainty?

Holiday Head-Smack

Exploring Educational Opportunities with Open Source

Funding for technology in K-12 public schools is limited. The cost to install and maintain infrastructure and hardware alone is enough to diminish resources. The cost of licensing and upgrading software adds to the burden of funding the education for a generation of 21st century students. In the field of education, where funding is often inadequate, options for improving student achievement can be increased through the use of Open Source software. Read more

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