Election results may lead to… uncertainty?

The big decision day is here! Today we will find out who the top dog will be for the next four years. What a treat to live in a country where democracy and freedom to speak our mind are such an ingrained concept that some folks actually complain about it!

Yes, the people who are behind the election season annoyances take every opportunity to exercise the treat known as freedom of speech. The phone calls, knocks at the door, stuffed mailboxes and unbearable television and radio ads, tiring as they are, illustrate the fact that we live in a country like no other.

For now, the rhetoric, debates, polls and campaign visits are over. Some of you will feel a sense of loss and devastation when the final results are in. Many others will be excited, energized by a sense of affirmation and renewal. And the rest of the population (in my opinion, the majority) will feel indifferent and perhaps puzzled by the entire process.

What now, they wonder. Will anything really change?

Perhaps. But there are some things that are not within the control of the President of the United States. Just as there are some things in our lives that are beyond our own control. Certainly there is an element of doom in our future, based on the commercials for each of the presidential candidates… oddly, both presidential candidates wrapped up their campaigns by focusing on the doom the other candidate would lead us into if elected.

I propose we take it all with a grain of salt.* As any farmer will tell you, some days you step in it and some days you don’t. Of course we are all immensely relieved that the campaign antics have ceased, but we should also take comfort in the fact that we are indeed Americans, and at the end of the day that fact leaves us with the lion’s share of responsibility for our own happiness.

*Grain of salt should be consumed daily for maximum effectiveness. I recommend the Chocolate Sea Salt Carmelita Daily Dose. For those with high blood pressure and/or control issues, alternate with the Dark Chocolate Almond Zen Daily Dose.

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